Since IREF was started in 2001, it has been a fellowship whose visitors have come to Delft from all over the world; it also has always included a number of families from the Netherlands. Practically, IREF was organized by a committee and enjoyed the support of three congregations of Hervormde Gemeente Delft. In October 2009 the IREF committee was formalized as a  “Kerkenraadscommissie” of the Algemene Kerkenraad Hervormd (AKH). In February 2012 two elders were ordained under the authority of AKH. The weekly services are being held in the premises of the Old Church. Every week Bible studies and prayer meetings take place in the homes. A number of infants and adults have been baptized, children were blessed and Holy Communion has been observed regularly. After the service members take time to meet and socialize around coffee, tea, and the monthly shared lunch. By the summer of 2012 the fellowship had grown in number to approximately 40 regular visitors. In October 2013, a minister was ordained to serve as a part-time pastor for IREF. God has blessed us very much indeed.

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