Your donations are very welcome. Please allocate your gift to one of the ministry fields below:

* GF (General Fund)

* FBLO (Fellowship Building and Local Outreach)

* WP (Work of the Pastor, to enable IREF to continue hiring a pastor)

* Other …..(to be indicated by donator)

Any donations to a specific goal or regular gifts can be directed to IREF’s bank account that is managed by the CvK (College van Kerkrentmeesters). The details are:

NL81FVLB  CvK (College van Kerkrentmeesters) PG, Delft.
Description: IREF + specific goal

NB: It is important that IREF is mentioned in the description. We share this bank account with the PG (Protestantse Gemeente), so destination should be clearly indicated. Thank you.

Donation to IREF is tax deductible according to the Dutch tax law.


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