My long-term vision for IREF:

By God’s grace, the IREF-community is widely known in Delft as a loving and welcoming Christian fellowship with a strong zeal to share the love of Christ with internationals in Delft, a community where people, whoever they are, grow in spiritual understanding, enjoy and celebrate the greatness and goodness of the living God. The obvious strengths of IREF are: profound Biblical and theological teaching, discipleship, fellowship and mission.

My mission for IREF:

  • Realise (and help to realise) systematic and in-depth preaching and teaching, and training in discipleship.
  • Realise (and help to realise) more systematic pastoral care and concern among internationals both in and outside IREF. Help to improve transparency and publicity of the IREF-community and activities.
  • Help IREF to develop an attitude of seeking people who are seeking.
  • Maintain fruitful connections with other churches & organizations in order to improve the effectiveness and continuity of IREF’s ministry.

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