Andreas course 2014

Attention: Below is the information from the previous Andreas course in February 2014. New information about the Andreas course in can be found here.

Tired of walking alone? Learn how to walk with God while sharing a meal with interesting people. You are invited to the ‘Andreas course’!

Ten evenings intensive course starting on Monday 17 February, at 19.00, in the Oude Kerk, Delft

Discover the essentials of Christian faith from key parts of the Word of God in an inductive, creative and interactive learning process!

What does it offer you?

  • You become familiar with central Bible passages and find their relevance for your life and personal context.
  • The approach follows the history of salvation – illuminates the theological essentials of Christian faith, including the Trinity.
  • You get acquainted with different literary styles in the Bible (historical and prophetical parts, psalms, parables, letters).
  • You learn to combine personal Bible study with group Bible study.
  • The studies touch several actual topics, like creation and evolution, the question of evil, the nature of God, being a Christian in a non-Christian context, end-time scenario’s, etc.
  • You participate in an intercultural learning process.
  • It is a nice way to mature your faith and have confidence to participate in regular Church services or Bible studies.

Is it for you?

Yes, when you have finished an Alpha course. Or when you are young in Christian faith and seeking to understand more. Yes, if you are interested to become more familiar with explaining and applying Biblical texts.

What is asked from you?

Your commitment is asked to attend all course evenings as much as possible. You will be asked to do some preparations at home and share your results. You share in the costs of the course according to your possibilities and in the preparation of a (simple) meal.

Who is organizing it?

IREF (International Reformed Evangelical Fellowship) organizes this together with Delft Project (Immanuel Church) and IFES. A leadership team prepares and leads the evenings.

Where and when?

Start at 18.45 hrs with some drinks. At 19.00 dinner and coffee, tea. 19.45 start of the programme. We close with a short evening prayer at 21.30. First evening: 17 February 2014 Location: Presumably the Oude Kerk (entrance near the chapel, where the Oude Delft and the Heilige Geestkerkhof cross.). A definitive announcement will follow soon.


For further questions and registration: send an email with your name, address and phone number to:, or through the website:, or phone: 0031 6 44547678 . We are happy if you register before 10th of February.

Topics and Bible chapters for ten evenings

  1. He’s got the whole world in His hands. About creation (Genesis 1 – 2:3)
  2. Where does evil come from? (Genesis 3 and 4)
  3. Prince of Egypt. Why a special plan for the people of Israel? (Exodus 1-3)
  4. To great to understand. Who is God? (Psalm 103)
  5. Not to give in. People of God in ‘Babylon’ (Daniel 1-3, 6)
  6. Amazing birth story (Luke 1 and 2)
  7. Parables from Jesus (selected parts from the Gospel of Luke).
  8. Descending into greatness. How Jesus gained victory through surrender (parts of Luke and Philippians)
  9. Baptized with the Holy Spirit. Receiving power of God (Acts 2)

10.  End time scenarios and the final judgment (selected parts of Revelation).

Why is it called Andreas course?

The apostle Andreas started as a disciple of John the Baptist and discovered Jesus. He was very keen to share this with his brother Simon.  Andreas in one sentence means: discover and share Jesus!  Andreas course is offered as a follow-up of the Alpha course.