Andreas course 2017

Invitation for Andreas course 2017

You can make your dreams come true. But you don’t have to do it on your own!

Together, we will explore the barriers to reaching your dreams, and learn how to make the best choices for your future.

Join the ‘Andreascourse’ and discuss essentials of Christian faith in a creative and interactive learning process!

Start:  Monday 13 February ‘17 @ 19.00, Chapel Oude Kerk, Delft

More explanation about the course

Tough questions may bother us like:

‘How do I know that the choices that I make are right ones?’ – ‘What if I succeed in my study, but fail in my relationships?’ – ‘Who is God and how can I trust Him in guiding my way in life?’ – ‘Why is there so much evil around in the world and how can I deal with it?’

 There are no simple answers to this kind of questions. Often more basic question are behind, like: ‘Why am I here on earth and what is my destination in life?’ or ‘Is there a God and if so, how can I know Him?’

If you want to find answers to honest life questions, the ‘Andreascourse’ might help you. It implicates learning and discussing in an open and intercultural setting, while sharing a meal with interesting people.

“While I was searching for a good foundation of my career here in Delft – and I am an ambitious person!- I had big doubts about a higher being and why (a) God should be relevant for me. During the Andreas course I began to discover that the living God was already searching for me. I began to experience a reality of love that I never experienced before. The course enabled me to become sensible and respond to his love.” (Renshi, PHD student Delft  )

‘Andreas course’: Exploring Christian faith in 10 evenings starting at Monday 13 February ‘17 @ 19.00, Chapel Oude Kerk, Delft.


For further questions and registration: send an email with your name, address and phone number to:, or phone: 0031 6 44547678 . We are happy if you register before 6th of February.

What does it offer you?

* You will touch interesting and important questions about life, study, career, relationships and realising your dreams.

* You will become more familiar with central Bible passages and their relevance for your life.

* You will get acquainted with an overall story line starting with the question ‘Why it is all here?’ and finishing with ‘What is the destiny of this world?’

* The studies touch actual topics like: creation and evolution, the question of evil, the nature of God, etc.

* The course will help you to be more acquainted with the person and teaching of Jesus and discover how He dealt with human problems.

* The course contains 10 evenings (19.00 – 21.45). Each evening closes with a short meditative evening prayer.

Is it for you?

* If you have a general interest in dealing with life issues…

* if you are not afraid to think…

* if you want to meet fellow students from different parts of the world…

* if you want to know more about Christian faith…

* if you are interested to learn more about the Bible…

This course is for you!

You will benefit from the course more if you are able to do some small preparations at home We don’t charge you for the course, but if you can contribute something for the meals according to your possibilities, it is welcome.

Who is organizing it?

ICF (International Christian Fellowship) – Delft organizes it with the help of International Reformed Evangelical Fellowship (IREF). A leadership team prepares and leads the evenings.

Where and when?

Start at 19.00 hrs with a dinner. 20.00 start of the programme. Location: Old Church (entrance near the chapel, at the crossing of the Oude Delft and the Heilige Geestkerkhof ).

Dates: Monday evenings in February, March and April, starting at 13th of February

Topics and Bible chapters for the evenings

  1. He’s got the whole world in His hands. About creation (Genesis 1 – 2:3)
  2. Where does evil come from? (Genesis 3 and 4)
  3. Prince of Egypt. Why such a special rescuing plan? (Exodus 1-3)
  4. To great to understand. Who is God? (Psalm 103)
  5. Not to give in. Living in a complex multi-religious society (Daniel 1-3, 6)
  6. Amazing birth story (Luke 1 and 2)
  7. Parables from Jesus (selected parts from the Gospel of Luke).
  8. Descending into greatness. Victory through surrender (parts of Luke and Philippians)
  9. Baptized with the Holy Spirit. Receiving power of God (Acts 2)
  10. End time scenarios and the final judgment (selected parts of Revelation).

Why is it called Andreas course?

The apostle Andreas started as a disciple of John the Baptist and discovered Jesus. He was very keen to share this with his brother Simon. Andreas in one sentence means: discover and share Jesus!  Andreas course is offered as a follow-up of the Alpha course, but you can follow it without having participated in Alpha course.