Testimony of Zihao Wang

Confession of Zihao Wang on 27 September 2015 at the occasion of his baptism.


‘Dear brothers and sisters, thanks to God the Father gathering us together. Today I just want to talk about me and God.

Two years earlier, I was arrived in the Netherlands. At that time, I was quite sure I will keep going on my own way. What was my own way? This is a good question. At that time, I knew I am the gladiator of fate and I am the dominator of my life. This is/was my own way.

Of course, challenging the life (facing the challenges of life?)  is a not easy thing. I needed weapons, powerful weapons. At that time, I had three weapons: rational thinking, knowledge construction and free will. Consequently, I did not let external and internal factor effect my weapons. Obviously, I only have rational thinking when I am a rational man. So all the emotions for me were unstable factors and I tried to eliminate all the emotions in me. And, as a nature science background student, I certainly know the power of the knowledge and knowledge made me proud. Also, the free will, becoming a Christian was impossible for me, at that time. Because I thought that Christians are brain washed and controlled by the Churches.

So I already told you how ambitious I was myself. And I had almost succeeded. I eliminated almost all my emotions (except proud) and I felt most of time I was’t effected by the emotions. What’s more, I felt that I almost had become the everlasting being because I eliminated all the temporary emotions in my head.

But God is amazing. He worked in me and let me know him. From my story, I can not believe that a man like me- believes in (delete: the) Jesus Christ. But the truth is: I’m now standing there. I just want to tell you three things: first, I was wrong and i was blind. Second, God is the creator of the human and he is the dominator of human. Third, God is exist and he is just here.

As an educated young man, there are so many obstacles for me knowing God. Knowledge or free will, all these stuff made me proud and blind. But now I see that it’s the gift from God, and it’s just a tool. But I treated it as the weapons to refuse handing over my authority to God. How foolish I was!

Guys, do not wait till it is too late. You cannot stand by the human wisdom. Open your eyes and accept is the only right way.


That’s all. Amen.”