Preaching schedule 2017


IREF preaching schedule April to August 2017
Date     Preacher Theme
2 apr
ds. Simon van der Lugt Passover and Holy Communion
9 apr
ds. N. M. Tramper Jesus and Peter
14 apr
ds. Hans-Jan Roosenbrand Visiting Calvary
16 apr
ds. N. M. Tramper Cornerstone of Christian faith
23 apr
ds. Hans-Jan Roosenbrand On the road to Emmaus
30 apr
ds. N. M. Tramper Christian at work
7 may
ds. N. M. Tramper Believing the unbelievable
14 may
ds. Simon van der Lugt Resurrection in Paul’s letters
21 may
ds. N. M. Tramper Promise of the spirit & ascension
28 may
ds. Hans-Jan Roosenbrand Issues facing Christians today: Creation Care
4 jun
ds. N. M. Tramper Why we all need the Spirit of God
11 jun
ds. Hans-Jan Roosenbrand No other name
18 jun
ds. N. M. Tramper Community under power
25 jun
ds. Hans-Jan Roosenbrand Why suffering belongs to Christian life
2 jul
Guest speaker The power of the Gospel
9 jul
ds. Hans-Jan Roosenbrand Conversion of Saul: model of every conversions?
16 jul
ds. Simon van der Lugt Conversion of Peter
23 jul
ds. N. M. Tramper Young church –sending church
30 jul
ds. Simon van der Lugt Issues facing Chr. today: to be mentioned by church members in advance
6 aug
ds. Hans-Jan Roosenbrand Do we need sermons?
13 aug
ds. N. M. Tramper The work of the Holy Spirit in a ‘business meeting’
20 aug
ds. N. M. Tramper How do we know God’s guidance?
27 aug
ds. Simon van der Lugt The relevance of the gospel in the urban context