Special blog as remembrance to all victims in the MH17

MH17… we also need a voice of repentance

An extraordinary sunny week got an extraordinary black and bitter cadre. Voices of bewilderment, sorrow and anger went through the Netherlands and through the world, in particular Australia and Malaysia. Pictures of the long row of hearses on the highway went across the world. The day of national mourning will be etched deeply in the hearts of many in the Netherlands. I think that we have to add a voice of repentance to the voices of grief and anger. ‘Remind me Lord, how weak I am, how short my days. Life is a shadow, death beckons every hour’ (Psalm 89).  Confrontation with death leaves us an important question: ‘For what and for whom a I living actually?‘ My Egyptian friend Sami repeated it several times (he has some right to speak because he faced several challenging situations in his country). ‘What really counts in the end is not: what we posses, not where we are, not what we experience, but for whom (Whom) we live.’

The pain has come very near now. How the Dutch mourn is seen everywhere in the world. But we have to realise that in the past week the amount of victims in Gaza strip and Israel is much more than double the amount of the victims in the plane crash. Among these victims many innocent children and women. We must realise that in Syria and Iraq, in Nigeria and Sudan the number of victims of violence is a multiple of the victims of the MH17 tragedy. These people however don’t have any possibility to get a voice or a face. Nobody stepped into the breach for them so far…

The sorrow of this weak touched me greatly, caused me to work less and to pray more:

Lord, your creation is in pain and waits already for such a long time. Let your Kingdom come!

Lord, have mercy, may the comfortless find a hiding place with You!

Lord, arise, do justice to the poor and the oppressed, the beaten and wounded people, because their blood cries to heaven!

Lord, help me, help us, to be actors of justice in your name!