Testimony of Bo Li

My experience with IREF Delft

My name is Bo Li. I am Chinese. From March 2013 to March 2014, I lived in Delft as a visiting scholar in the Faculty of Aerospace of engineering in Delft University of Technology. It was my first time to live abroad and I knew little about the Netherlands before I came to Delft. But on the day I left, when the plane took off at Schiphol airport, I looked out the porthole and I couldn’t help shedding my tears. It was such a strong feeling that I knew I fall in love with Delft, the beautiful, quiet, and unforgettable town. I will cherish my visit in Delft in memory as long as I live. The most important reason is that I was baptized in the Oude Kerk of Delft and I acquired my new life in IREF fellowship.

I still believe that it was God’s plan that guided me to Delft. In April 2012, I began to believe in God but was not baptized. Upon my arrival in Delft, I wandered around the city in order to find a church suitable for me. Thanks be to God, I saw a notice on the door of the Oude Kerk which said there will be English services hold by IREF on Sundays. The next Sunday, on my first visit to IREF for a Sunday service, I was warmly welcomed and I felt at home there. Since then, I enjoyed worship services every Sunday and made many friends from different countries. Although I was also invited to several other churches later on, including a Chinese fellowship, there was no substitution for IREF.

The most helpful thing of IREF to me is the Alpha course. Different pastors and preachers gave their presentations and had discussions with participants. They greatly increased my spiritual growth and I learned a lot about Christianity. I also made many friends during the Alpha course, they helped my learn more about Jesus Christ and know more about the Netherlands. With the companion of friends, my life in Delft was happy and colorful.

The most unforgettable thing of my experience with IREF Delft is my baptism in the Oude Kerk. Before I came to Delft, I had just read through the full text of Bible in Chinese. One Sunday after service, I talked with Henk Jansen about some puzzles in faith and he explained to me patiently and seriously. He also asked me whether I admit Jesus Christ as my savior and I gave him an affirmative answer. Then he read Acts 8:27 ~ 8:39 to me and encouraged me to be baptized. After a survey and talk with Pastor Niek Tramper, I was baptized ceremonially together with a Scottish baby Euen on May 5, 2014 in the Oude Kerk. When I read my testimony on the ritual, my eyes were full of tears for I knew I would found peace in my heart.

As said in a poem, “Before the age of ten, I believe, the world is in Andersen’s fairy tales; at the age of twenty, I believe, the world is in my dreams; thirty years old, still believe that, the world is in my hands; until forty, found that, actually I have been in the hands of God.”

Yes, I was, I am and I will be in the hands of God.

Thank IREF for the help you provided to me and other international guests! May God bless IREF and be with you every day.








May 5, 2014, baptized by Pastor Niek Tramper in the Oude Kerk, Delft