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We are a Christian fellowship of Reformed/Evangelical nature in Delft, The Netherlands. Our teaching is Bible centered, our mission is to preach the Gospel (Good News) of Jesus Christ. We want to bring together people from different cultures and nationalities who want to worship the living God and want to know more about Him. We do this in song, prayer, Bible reading and explanation, and weekly Bible studies and prayer meetings. Every Sunday afternoon at 12.15, you are welcome to attend IREF’s Sunday service. See also the notices below! If you want to contact us, send an email to so that we can reply you in proper way. God bless you!

Click this to download IREF flyer. Since September 4, ICF-Delft sunday services have started (see the announcement below). Click this to download ICF-Delft flyer. Click here to go to ICF-Delft website.

Andreascourse (4)

 ⇒ IREF/ICF Sunday services in Génestet church, Oude Delft 102

Since September 2016 we have our joint ICF church services – a common responsibility of IREF and Immanuel church (Delft Project)- in the Génestet church, Oude Delft 102 – just 200 meters from the Old Church (south bound). The services start at 12.15.

Sunday 4th of June, Sunday of Pentecost preacher: pastor Niek Tramper. Theme ‘Why we all need the Spirit of God’

Sunday 11the of June, preacher: pastor Hans-Jan Roosenbrand. Theme: ‘No other Name!’ (Acts 4). Service with Holy Communion

Sunday 18th June, preacher: pastor Niek Tramper. Theme: ‘A life Changing Community’ (Acts 2 vs. 37 -47). Confession and Baptism of Petyr Jin. After the service: church meeting with presentation of Vision for ICF-Delft, and discussion, lunch is provided.

Sunday 25th of June, preacher: pastor Hans-Jan Roosenbrand. Theme ‘Why suffering belongs to Christian life’ (Acts 7).

Sunday 2nd of July, preacher: Solomon Dimitriadis, Theme: ‘The power of the gospel’ (Acts 8).

Sunday 9 th of July, preacher: pastor Hans-Jan Roosenbrand. Theme: ‘What is conversion?’ (Acts 9).

Sunday 16th of July, preacher: pastor Simon van der Lugt. Theme: ‘Life change, a continuing process’ (Acts 10/11).

Sunday 23rd of July, preacher: pastor Niek Tramper. Theme: ‘Young church – sending church.’ (Acts 11 vs 19v and 13 vs 1-3).


Click this to download ICF-Delft flyer. Welcome to share the joy of being together, to thank God for our life and for everything He has given, learn from his Word and pray for one another and for the world around!

⇒ Andreas course 2017 finished

The Andreascourse finished recently. All together we welcomed 27 participants from many different religious and cultural backgrounds. Several participants continued in following a catechism class preparing for baptism. After summer a course in Christian discipleship will start. Andreascourse will return, probably in February 2018. More information about the course can be found in here.

⇒ ‘Time is near’ – the message of the book of Revelation

In 2016 pastor Niek Tramper held a series of sermons on the book of Revelation. How can a book, that has been written roughly 19 centuries ago, help us to understand the times? Only, if we trough the sometimes horrific visions and seemingly bizarre scenes look into the truth that is behind the surface of this world. The book of Revelation focuses on the Lamb, the symbol of Christ, and how he is going to establish his Kingdom in the turbulence of times. Contact pastor Niek through this website if you want to know more about the book of Revelation and how he explained it in his sermons.

⇒ Wait, pray and work for the breakthrough of God’s kingdom 

We continue to wait, pray and work for the breakthrough of God’s Kingdom in a world that is shaken by distress and fear at one hand, and egoistic powerplays and greed at the other hand. At the same time there are so many beautiful testimonies of people and churches who serve in places of need, in refugee camps or in city centers, in places hit by poverty or in the proud world of the university. In the IREF fellowship we continue to pray and work for the people far from home, whether they are afflicted by war and terrorist attacks or they search for success and future in studying in a foreign country. 

 ⇒ Nobody can take our freedom… is that true?

Five years a devastating war rages in Syria, one that has gone far beyond the borders of the country. Islamic State has shown its cruel face to the world. The media confronts us with unceasing suffering of innocent people, not in the last place Christians. Brute fundamentalists, who abuse the name of God kill them, plunder their houses, destroy their churches, rape their wives and daughters…. Click here to read more. 

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